Many Of The FBI’s ‘Stings’ Are Of Their Own Making

fbi [Source: Daily Mail]
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It’s been no secret that Americans are closely watched by different, government agencies. Most of the data gathered on individuals is so far reaching that the average American can’t believe spying is actually a thing of reality. As we originally found out through Edward Snowden, the government is listening to everyone’s conversations and tracking their whereabouts. We’re even finding out many FBI sting operations are of their own making—involving innocent people identified through social media.

Many believe the extreme, privacy violations of the American people are just a conspiracy theory. It may be an easy way to cope, but it doesn’t change the fact everyone is being stalked by government agencies. Government-hacking tools are so powerful they can hack someone’s vehicle to assassinate them without a trace. The government can also hack into your personal devices to visually and audibly spy on you—even if said gadgets are supposedly powered off.

The recent document dump by Wikileaks highlighting the CIA’s capabilities proves there are still some agency members who are horrified by what the government is doing to their people. As long as there are ethical people within these agencies, we will continue to know the truth about just how deep the “rabbit hole” goes.

It is being reported the FBI uses social-media information to identify potential terrorists. The agency finds the unassuming person then targets them to be setup by undercover agents directing headquarters—they’re creating plots to ultimately set up and detain wannabe terrorists.

“Schemes to carry out a Presidents Day jihadist attack on a train station in Kansas City. Bomb a Sept. 11 memorial event. Blow up a 1,000-pound bomb at Fort Riley. Detonate a weapon of mass destruction at a Wichita airport—the failed plans all show imagination.

But how much of it was real?

Often not much, according to a review of several recent terrorism cases investigated by the FBI in Kansas and Missouri. The most sensational plots invoking the name of the Islamic State or al-Qaida here were largely the invention of FBI agents carrying out elaborate sting operations on individuals identified through social media as being potentially dangerous.”

Is it ethical to target innocent people and manipulate them into doing a crime—just to catch them in the act? It can be debated that the FBI is taking precautionary measures. If they don’t find these people, someone else will. Are we starting to enter a pre-crime future? It looks like we’re already there.


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