Mattis: US-Russia Tensions Won’t “Spiral Out Of Control” Over Syria

General Mattis [Source: Reuters]
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James Mattis, the United States Secretary of Defense, doesn’t believe that US-Russia tensions will “spiral out of control” over Syria. The statement is an indication that there are possibly negotiations going well with Russia (behind the scenes) after the recent actions the US took against Syria.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that Russia is at risk of becoming “irrelevant” in the middle east due to their support of Assad. He is also in Moscow to discuss the recent US attack on Syria, and to attempt to get Russia to stop their support for Assad–who has committed crimes against humanity by using chemical weapons on his own people.

Many innocent people died from Assad’s recent chemical weapons attack, and the victims included children. It has been reported that the White House feels that, “Russia has been trying to deflect blame for the chemical attack that killed 89 people.”

If Mattis is right, Russia may be coming to their senses. It is in their best interest to work with the United States as an ally–instead of an enemy.

As reported, “I’m confident the Russians will act in their own best interest and there is nothing in their best interest to say they want this situation to go out of control.”

Mattis has repeatedly warned that the U.S. military remained ready to act again should Assad use chemical weapons, saying on Tuesday that Assad would “pay a very, very stiff price.”

At the same time, he acknowledged that Trump had only authorized the single attack, meaning the U.S. military would not automatically have the authority to strike again should Washington determine another case of chemical weapons use.”

Will the US and Russia form an alliance to strengthen both countries influence in the middle east? Many believe that the conflicts in Syria and North Korea could lead to a new world war; a bond between the US and Russia can’t just possibly save innocent people from being killed in Syria–the bond may also save the world.



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