Mexico Deports 49 Cubans Back To Their Communist Utopia

[Source: VICE]
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Before leaving office, Obama put an end to the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy. In the past, it helped many Cuban immigrants to stay in the United States after fleeing their communist nation. Now, in an extremely ironic move, Mexico just deported their Cubans. Why isn’t the mainstream media calling Mexico “racist” for the action—is it not their business who Mexico deports?

Cubans, unlike many other groups of immigrants, are coming to the US for political reasons—they don’t want to exist in what liberals believe is a communist utopia. They know all too well exactly how bad communism is.

During the recent presidential election, Cuban-Americans cast more votes for Donald Trump than “white” Americans. Maybe it’s for this reason why Obama wanted to stop the policy—many Democrats are overwhelmingly communist. Nobody would flee an oppressive country then vote for the same left-wing ideologies in their new home.

It’s now being reported Cubans were forced to go to Mexico after Obama’s halt. Now, Mexico decided to deport the immigrants due to their country’s immigration laws. It’s very hypocritical considering Mexicans are furious that the US wants to seal its open borders and have stricter, immigration laws.

“Cubans bound for the US were dealt with a blow when the Obama administration ended the ‘wet-foot, dry-foot policy’ in its final days. The policy allowed Cubans to enter the US legally based on their nationality.

After the policy ended, Cubans stayed stuck in Mexico.

Mexico said they decided to send the group of Cubans in accordance with their laws.”

Where is Jorge Ramos and Telemundo? Why aren’t they sticking up for the Cuban immigrants?

The media is quick to label Donald Trump a racist for wanting to bring common sense to American immigration law, but with their silence on Mexico’s deportations, it’s clear to see the attacks waged on Trump are being used for purely political reasons.


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