Morgan Freeman Shuts Down CNN Race-Baiter Don Lemon—Still As True Today as When Morgan Said This: VIDEO

[Image: CNN via YouTube]
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In an age where people like CNN’s Don Lemon are trying to shove liberalism down the throats of US citizens (even the world), there are those (such as Morgan Freeman) who are hurling it back… While this video’s slightly older, it’s certainly relevant now.

With so many playing the race card, it’s honestly refreshing to know a Hollywood-success story like Freeman knows race has no bearing on contemporary, financial inequality. But don’t take our word for it—listen to Mr. Freeman:

[Video: courtesy of CNN Tonight via Truth Revolt]

As shown in the video, Lemon was pushing a weak rationale to figuratively co-sign leftists who whine about being unable to achieve their dreams. However, Freeman seemingly had liberal Lemon convinced otherwise. The CNN host even leaned in for Freeman’s wisdom. CNN may’ve not planned for the interview to go that way, but it went rightfully viral nonetheless. Yes, sometimes fabricated media has its golden-truth moments.

Many can’t argue with Freeman—he’s practically a sage on the matter. The Memphis (TN) native came up in a time when race was a legitimate issue in terms of obtaining financial greatness. Having overcome what he conveyed as a multitude of struggles, Freeman can more-than-safely attest to anyone having the ability to make it big. With Freeman being a minority who endured The South’s old ways, he’s definitely one to quash the liberal philosophy of race being a factor in determining success. “The bus runs every day.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it, liberals. And remember, don’t swallow the “bulls**t.”


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