Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority Lies, Encourages Terrorism

[Source: Wikimedia Commons]
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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called out the Palestinian Authority for failing to denounce the terror attack which took place in the Old City of Jerusalem this past Friday—and for their blatant lies about what had really transpired that day.

As it turns out, the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah had made an announcement which lauded the Palestinian terrorists as heroes and condemned Border Patrol for killing them.

Fatah took things even further by describing the deaths of the three terrorists a “war crime” and went on to claim that “the international community’s silence emboldened Israel to further spill the blood of Palestinians.”

During Friday’s terror attack, four people were wounded and one Israeli officer was killed.

Following this tragic event, Netanyahu announced that he would be canceling the special permits given to Palestinians for entering Israel during Ramadan. In response to the Palestinian leader’s lies, Netanyahu has called for the international community to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to discontinue their practice of paying for terrorism.

“Apparently there is no limit to (their) lies and gall. The Palestinian Authority, of course, refuses to condemn the murder, and the same authority will now pay reparations to the families of the murderers. I call on world nations to denounce the murder and those who glorify it, and to demand immediate cessation of payments by the PA to the families of terrorists, action that only encourages terror,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

Terrorists and their families have reportedly received about $1 billion from the PA in just the last four years. Sources say that equates to roughly 20 percent of the foreign aid the PA receives on a yearly basis. In other words, foreign aid is indirectly supporting terrorism in Palestine.

Will the rest of the world finally stop focusing on being “politically correct” and demand that the PA stop financing terrorism?


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