Nike To Sell Performance Hijab

performance hijab [Source: Footwear News]
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The hijab has been controversial due to many viewing it is a sign of male dominance over women in the Muslim world. It has also been a symbol of Islam’s growing influence across the world. In a time of radical Islamic terrorism, many Americans feel anything but welcoming when seeing a piece of head wear such as this. However, Nike is releasing a performance hijab.

In a primarily Christian country, many Americans are also well-informed about the horrific Christian suffering in Muslim countries. Although the majority of Muslims are not terrorists, the Middle Eastern culture is still very new to the cultural geography of the United States. It’s an understatement to say the hijab is a sensitive subject.

Nike’s Performance Hijab will be for women to wear while working out. The controversial, new product may cause a backlash for the popular brand, which had PR issues in the past—re: their sweatshops.

“The design process took 13 months, and the final product will be available for sale in the company’s Spring 2018 season. Nike said [their] hijab is already being worn by Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari.”

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab,” Lari said in a statement. “I’ve tried so many different hijabs for performance, and…so few of them actually work for me. But once I put it on and took it for a spin on the ice, I was blown away by the fit and the light weight.”

With the product due to arrive in stores in the Spring of 2018, it will be interesting to see how Americans react.


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