No Shame: MSNBC Ignores Terror Victims For Negative Trump Footage

[Source: Fox News]
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In the wake of the terror attack in the UK, news outlets around the world have been scrambling to stay up-to-date. That is, except for MSNBC. As the cries of the victims of the Manchester attack played in the background, host Chris Matthews cut away from the terror for something he deemed more “important.” And nothing screams “important” to the Left-wing media like beating a 4-month old dead horse–provided that it relates to Trump footage.

By now, we’re all aware of the liberal media’s accusation that Trump and his electoral campaign had colluded with Russia to “steal” the presidency. And we’re all aware that these claims have no legs to stand on.

Clearly, that narrative is very important to the Left-wing media. “We’ll get the latest on that in a minute. We begin however, with the shocking news in Washington tonight,” Matthews stated as cameras cut away from the burgeoning terror attack in Manchester.

Is anything about the Trump-Russian propaganda “shocking” these days? To make matters worse, the “new details” Matthews seemed so excited about are a few months old already. Trump asked intelligence authorities to disregard the media’s claims that his campaign conspired with Russia – is that really so much more important than a terror attack at this point in time?

But, this “dismissal” of what was happening in Manchester achieves two things: it overlooks a terrorist attack that would undermine the narrative that “Islam is a religion of peace”–and it puts Trump in a negative light.



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