Non-Profit Indoctrinating Children By Teaching How To Spot ‘Fake News’

fake news [Source: BBC]
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The politicized IRS is still very fresh in the memories of Christians and conservatives. They did after all target their groups during Obama’s presidency. At the time,  IRS Director Lois Lerner eventually resigned and was found guilty of targeting these groups but got away without having any criminal charges filed.

Recently released information shows that during the IRS’s targeting of “right-wing” groups, a Satanic group had their non-profit status “fast-tracked.” It’s very indicative of an action executed under Obama’s America.

Lately, there has been a lot of censorship being done in the name of calling the truth “fake news.” It appears to be a term used against conservative-news outlets, made in an effort to try and confuse the public by having  mainstream left-wing media appear as the only credible, media source.

Now, a left-wing Philadelphia-based nonprofit is teaching children how to spot supposedly fabricated news. A tax-exempt organization is indoctrinating kids with left-wing propaganda while distorting reality—very upsetting.

“The ‘Mighty Writers West’ organization, a non-profit that teaches children creative writing as an after-school program, is offering a class for kids called “Fake News Finders,” which they say will help kids separate ‘fact from fiction.’

Kids become ‘Fake News Detectives,’ the instructors say, learning to find sources of information that are useful for their research and writing projects (the kids are ages 10-14, middle schoolers).

According to the program, they’re learning to separate information into a series of groups—’real news, propaganda, entertainment, advertising and publicity’—and what happens when writers confuse the groups.”

When will the left’s indoctrination of children stop? After all the pointless trouble the IRS caused for Christians and conservatives, it would be nice to have an investigation into the “Might Writers West” organization.


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