North Korea Claims CIA Plotted To Kill Kim Jong-un

[Source: FOX News]
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Amid North Korea’s nuclear behavior, they’ve gone one step further with pointing at US and South Korean agents for attempting to end the life of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. The attempt entailed biochemical material and a hired assassin/North Korean named “Kim”—according to the ministry of state security.

Of course it didn’t work out, and the mystery of “Kim” remains unsolved. More, the CIA and South Korea have remained silent on the matter thus far.

Of course it didn’t work out, and the mystery of “Kim” remains unsolved. More, the CIA and South Korea have remained silent on the matter thus far.

It’s almost not shocking The DPRK made such a statement—with all the action going down as of late.

Then again, President Trump did swear to “solve” North Korea and thwart its nuclear activities.

Check out the North Korean Ministry of State Security’s statement:

“The last-ditch effort of the hostile forces, taken aback by the strong spirit of the DPRK dashing toward the final victory of the cause of Juche revolution, has gone beyond the limits after reaching the extreme phase.
The recent hysteria about ‘beheading operation’ and ‘pre-emptive attack,’ openly staged by the US imperialists and the South Korean, puppet-military warmongers at the doorstep of the DPRK, is just the tip of the ice berg of those moves.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US and the Intelligence Service (IS) of South Korea, hotbed of evils in the world, hatched a vicious plot to hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK, and those acts have been put into the extremely serious phase of implementation after crossing the threshold of the DPRK.

A hideous terrorists’ group, which the CIA and the IS infiltrated into the DPRK on the basis of covert and meticulous preparations to commit state-sponsored terrorism against the supreme leadership of the DPRK by use of bio-chemical substance, has been recently detected.”

[Source: The Daily Express/]

A Believable Claim?

However, such a claim is hard to swallow. The DPRK’s notorious for spreading shoddy news. The only thing shocking is if US and/or South Korean government agencies didn’t already deploy clandestine agents to North Korea. But the attempted-murder bit avails a load of inquiries.

Where are the suspected assassins? Why would the KCNA claim poisoning on one hand then bombing on the other? With everything going on, is it even conceivable an unknown person would be allowed to get even remotely close to one of the most heavily guarded men in the world? (Jong-un’s personal activity’s more ninja-like than Bobby Fischer’s chess skills.)

More, Pyongyang’s security’s tighter than a drum—not even journalists are allowed to carry mobiles to events potentially featuring Jong-un. (Would it even be at-all possible to gain fringe distance?) Yes, it’s probable some have strategized plans to end the man’s life, but their government-managed media didn’t exactly provide any hard proof…

“Human Scum”

While the North Korean Ministry of State Security’s statement didn’t actually cite Jong-un’s name, many know him by “The Supreme Leader.”

According to the ministry, “bomb terrorism” was involved in the would-be scheme and was to occur during a military celebration or possibly at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun—where North Korea founder Kim Il-sung’s body is harbored.

“Kim” was supposedly advised that “biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance” would be optimal for killing, as the remnants would safely “appear after six or 12 months.”

[The Kumsusan Place of the Sun was a supposedly suggested venue to assassinate Jong-un. | Photo: AFP/KCNA via KN]

The Murder Plot According To North Korea

June 2014: at a Russian-based (Khabarovsk area) wood company, undercover, CIA and South Korean agents “corrupted and bribed” a North Korean employee (“Kim”) with money. They also powered him with a “satellite transmitter-receiver” then sent him back to Pyongyang.

January, May, August and September 2016: through said equipment, South Korean agents educated “Kim” on biochemical weapons and discuss optimal locations for the kill.

March and April 2017: “Kim” rendezvous with a South Korean agent in Dandong, switches out the equipment and takes more money. More communique goes down in April. The North Korean Ministry shows “early May” as when “Kim” was to obtain “necessary equipment” at a “liaison centre” made possible by his payments. However, again, there’s nothing about “Kim’s” capture and/or charges. (But all of the above would make a great plot of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie.)

“Only the CIA can produce such substance,” NoKo’s statement showed—including SoKo’s financially backing the effort.

The ministry wrote further how the CIA and South Korean intelligence “turned” the aforementioned North Korean (“Kim”) during his stint in Russia. (Someone has possibly been watching too much Homeland.)

Their statement referenced two $20,000 (£15,500) drops to “Kim”—an additional, two payments of $100,000 (“bribery”) and the transmission tech. Apparently, there was $50,000 in the arrangement, but that sum wasn’t necessarily on top of given amounts. When “Kim” arrived in Pyongyang, the statement showed his being ordered to avail specific intel on where to do it and determine the best way to execute the aforementioned plan.

[Video: courtesy of Spero News]

Ultimately, the statement didn’t elaborate on their discovering the plan or their actions for “Kim”—aka “human scum.” NoKo’s ministry added that the “intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the US imperialists and the puppet clique” (re: SoKo) were to be eliminated.

While Jong-un half-brother Kim Jong-nam met his death via an illegal, nerve agent (VX) when he was at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, SoKo and Malaysia claim his own country took him out.

“Major, Major Conflict”

Due to Pyongyang’s perpetual heeds of a executing a sixth, nuclear test, NoKo and the West have been in a verbal standoff.

However, May 6th saw another NoKo missile test—fortunately, it availed sub-par results.

But the US stands ready with battle ships in the area—as well as the South Korea-based anti-missile defense line.

While President Trump is feeling “major, major conflict” with NoKo, he’s also of the mind to conference with Kim Jong-un—under proper parameters. But the White House hastily emphasized that the present situation was “clearly not there right now,” adding and NoKo needs to “end its provocative behaviour immediately.”


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