NSA Experts Say DNC Hack Was An Inside Job

[Source: Reuters/ Gary Cameron]
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Was the DNC hack actually an inside job? A new report from former NSA agents avails the  Russians (or anyone else for that matter), in fact, did not hack the Democratic National Committee. While mainstream media has been quick to point the finger at Russia, former NSA computer experts say the “hack” was nothing of the sort.

The report was primarily based on work by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which first launched in 2003. While mainstream media has largely ignored VIPS, these professionals have been toiling away to work through the so-called hack and put all the pieces together. Four VIPS members have been spearheading the project: former NSA staffers William Binney, Kirk Wiebie and Edward Loomis, along with former CIA official Ray McGovern.

Their findings suggest someone on the inside with access to the internal DNC computer system orchestrated the whole the thing. According to VIPS, the NSA has all the tools necessary to figure out exactly what happened during the DNC hack. The group contends, “If NSA cannot produce such evidence—and quickly—this would probably mean it does not have any.”

Sources say overall, there are two major conclusions that can be drawn from the experts’ anaylsis.

First and foremost, “hard scienceshows that a remote hack of the DNC servers resulting in the breach that actually occurred would have been technologically impossible.” And secondly, “forensic review of the initial Guccifer 2.0 documents proves that they are poorly-disguised cut-and-paste jobs–forgeries–intended to finger Russia.”

As VIPS explains, the speed at which data was taken from DNC computers would have been imposible to achieve remotely over the internet. Evidence shows data was taken at a rate of 22.7 megabytes per second, which the experts say would be technologically impossible—unless, the perpetrator was downloading directly onto a USB drive.

The report also illustrates how “peeling away” the first layer of meta-data reveals the “sloppy and intentional misattribution.” Sources say the report highlights several other flaws within the now-debunked theory that Russia pioneered the DNC hack.

All signs seem to indicate the DNC breach was more of a “leak” than a hack.


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