Number Of Registered Republicans On The Rise

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With 2018 looming just around the corner, it’s no surprise people are already looking toward the upcoming election. Larry Schweikart, a former history professor and author of How Trump Won, has already analyzed voter-registration data for several key states. His research shows the number of registered Republicans is on the rise.

Will there be another Republican landslide in 2018? So far, it’s certainly looking that way.

Since November 2016, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Maine and more have seen a surge in the number of voters registering as Republicans. Massive net-gains are being recorded. In PA, there was a net-gain of 100,000 registered Republicans, which could be key to the 2018 election. As sources explain, “This is important for the 2018 race for US Senate in Pennsylvania. In 2016, Republican Toomey won by only 86,690 votes. In 2018, Pennsylvania Republicans are running against incumbent Democrat Bob Casey, Jr.”

Sources note that Florida and Arizona have also had an increase in registered Republicans since the November election. Republican numbers are increasing seemingly across the nation.

While the mainstream media may like to pretend their liberal agenda fits the American majority, it’s clear that voters are registering as Republicans in droves—a fact standing in direct contrast with the narrative that liberalism has infected the masses. It seems more Americans are concerned with preserving their personal freedom rather than going along with social tyranny.

Will more Americans continue to return to common sense and reject “politically correct” culture and the rest of the liberal dogma? What’s happening at registration offices around the country is hopefully a trend that will continue upward—a strong indication of how the 2018 election will go down.


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