NYPD Ignoring Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City’s “Sanctuary City” Status

NYPD [Source: Newsweek]
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New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has not been a friend to his city’s police officers; he is far left, and if he had his way there would probably be no cops in a place that has been called the “Greatest city on earth.”

The insanity behind a law the Mayor signed in 2014–to reduce NYC’s cooperation with ICE–is an easy piece of legislation to refer to for an outsider to understand just how little the Mayor cares about protecting law-abiding citizens. Bill de Blasio and many other Mayors across the United States have created “sanctuary cities,” which are areas that protect criminal illegal aliens. Not surprisingly, most sanctuary cities are run by democrats.

Now, in direct support of the Trump administration, members of the NYPD are going against the Mayor’s sanctuary city policy by alerting “Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to criminal court appearances of illegal immigrants that are subject to deportation.”

The “boys in blue” are required to protect New Yorker’s best interests, so it isn’t a surprise that they are going against a “radical” Mayor by reporting criminal illegals to ICE. This may be a test to just how far the liberal Mayor’s power can reach.

As recently reported, “Advocates for New York City to remain a “sanctuary city,” were reportedly upset to learn that the NYPD is working with ICE, calling it “collusion.”

The co-founder and deputy director of Queens Law Associates, Lori Zeno, said, “I think it really is outrageous. We’re supposed to be a sanctuary city … Cooperating with ICE is one thing … But to me they seem to be in collusion with ICE.”

Common sense is needed while policing cities, especially ones are large and dangerous as New York City. There’s a good chance that those who still have 9/11 fresh in their minds will never support political stances that put people’s lives at risk.








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