Obama Administration Holdovers Still Holding Many Offices, Even Though They Hate Trump

[Source: TheMaineWire.com]
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US Ambassador to Qatar, Dana Shell Smith, has made her distaste for the Trump administration a public spectacle, but is it really that surprising? Shell Smith is one of many Obama administration holdovers, and her family’s substantial donations to the Obama campaign certainly leave little doubts about her own political affiliations.

Shell Smith, and other holdovers from Obama’s days in the White House, have been suspected of purposely trying to undermine subvert our new president, Donald Trump. Shell Smith is just one of many whose comments about the Trump administration seem to be a thinly veiled attempt to brew doubt and distrust of the White House’s new tenants.

Shell Smith commented recently that it was “increasingly difficult to wake up” knowing she’d have to “spend today explaining our democracy and institutions.” As an ambassador, one would think that it is a key part of the job.

Sources say that an adviser close to the White House said, “The Trump administration has been taking a lot of heat from the base for not cleaning out Obama holdovers, and this is exactly what people are talking about There are hundreds of Obama supporters who are supposed to be non-political career professionals, but actually see themselves as part of the Resistance.”

According to this person, who is not named, the reason for this “resistance” is because these Obama leftovers simply cannot stand the thought of a Republican in office–and they want to bring the government to a grinding halt.

When will Trump get rid of all the Obama holdovers?




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