Obamacare’s Chief Architect Jonathan Gruber Now Blaming Its Failure on Trump?

[Source: CNS News]
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It seems that any common sense once held by American democrats has since left the room. Recently, the chief architect of Obamacare and Romneycare, Jonathan Gruber, made waves by declaring that Obamacare’s failures had nothing to do with the poorly designed plan–and everything to do with the republican party. Specifically, Gruber claims that it is somehow President Donald Trump’s fault that Obamacare isn’t the vision of success that the Left proclaimed it would be.

As you may know, Trump has been in office for approximately five months, and Obamacare has been something of a disaster since it’s inception.

As reported, “Instead of addressing the reality that Obamacare created far more problems than it intended to solve, Gruber had the audacity to pin the blame on the Republicans, who are working with an imperfect solution to alleviating the problems that the law created upon its passage in 2010.”

More shocking, however, is the fact that Gruber attacked Trump for signing an executive order that eliminated individual mandate penalties–which were, in essence, entirely unconstitutional. Of course, if they aren’t collecting money from hard-working American citizens, they can’t exactly fund their disastrous program, now can they?

According the Gruber, Trump’s decisions “undermine the ACA’s success,” but the truth is that it wasn’t very successful to begin with. Surely everyone remembers the “You can keep your doctor” fiasco.

Jonathan Gruber has no right to criticize Trump after he lied to millions of Americans, and help cause millions to lose their doctors and insurance.




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