Old Enemies Unite: Japan Sends Out WWII-Sized Warship To Protect A US, Supply Ship From Kim Jong-un’s Missiles

[Japan's Izumo carrier | Photo: EPA]
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As the North Korea conflict continues to boil, Japan’s covering the US’s unnamed ship while it provides various items to its forefront group—with the USS Carl Vinson leading the charge.

Japan’s 800-foot chopper carrier, the Izumo, recently departed Yokosuka to liaise the US ship as it makes its way to the area surrounding Shikoku Island. Many are of the mind that the US ship’s mission is to give aid to President Trump’s “armada,” which is supposedly to scare Kim Jong-un into not running a sixth, test fire of nuclear weapons.

[Video: courtesy of AiirSource Military]

Not since World War II has Japan availed a ship of this caliber. More, the Izumo’s mission is indicative of Japan’s rolling out its newer arsenal, which gives rise to its broader array of military weaponry.

It’s an especially big deal, as Japan has more of a peaceful doctrine. Upon their 1945 yield and ultimate surrender to America, the country’s military wasn’t allowed to perform any operation bred from anything other than defending itself.

But that was before 2016—Prime Minister Shinzo revised “self-defense” to entail aiding any Japanese allies and assisting with logistics to those crucial to Japans’s well-being. This has also been extended to destroying any North Korean nuclear weapons—including minesweeping in an effort to avail safe passage for Japanese, supply ships.

In terms of the US ship, the Izumo has been cleared for “minimal firepower” when providing defense cover.

[Japan Carrier Izumo is similar to a US carrier save having the mechanics to launch aircraft other than helicopters. | Photo: AP]
All the while, North Korea perpetuates its nuclear-weapons testing—even with the USS Vinson nearby (the last being March 29th). However, it was just the first day of May that Jong-un’s people threatened another test “at any time and at any location” as per their government powers.

North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesman said Pyongyang is “fully ready to respond to any option taken by the US.” Their spokesman added that they will keep at the “preemptive nuclear attack” efforts until Washington agrees to back off.

Jong-un boasted his power is so great it can destroy the Nimitz-class USS Vinson in “single strike”—as well as its outfit entailing the USS Ohio submarine.

In a better attempt to solidify President Trump’s promise to “resolve” the North Korean matter, the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan (and backing brigade) have been deployed…


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