Oregon Plans To Introduce Drivers’ Licenses With “Third Gender” Option

["Paris Green" | Photo: Iain McLellan/Spindrift]
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Drivers’ licenses seem to be the next target for the transgender community, and the state of Oregon is intent on paving the way for the insanity that may spread across the nation. The state has recently announced their plans to introduce a third gender option for drivers’ licenses and state-issued identification cards.

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles began looking into the state’s gender laws and for ways to incorporate a third gender option into the state’s computer grid, following the approval of a retired military member’s request to identify as a non-gendered person. Army veteran Jamie Shupe began transitioning in 2013. Even though Multnomah County Circuit Court passed the request for a third gender option, there are still concerns about what such an option will inevitable entail.

Sources say that this is the first decision of its kind in the United States, but with the increasingly vocal cry for transgender rights, it’s unlikely it will be the last.

Apparently, the “nongender” symbol on licenses in Oregon will be a simply “X,” and Shupe seems quite pleased with this outcome. As reported, “I’ll display my X with pride to anyone. This ID will do just that: celebrate and recognize my uniqueness instead of ostracizing me for it.”

But does anyone actually care about this so-called “uniqueness” or “pride?” People are not “proud” of their genders, typically. You’re a man or a woman, and your pride comes from your own personal achievements and the life you live–not the gender you identify as.


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