PolitiFact And Snopes Caught Lying About Democrats Seated During Navy SEAL Tribute

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Whether you’re left or right, there’s no amount of denial that can stand up toward hardcore facts. Left-wing sites like Politifact and Snopes are learning that the hard way.

The two fact-checking sites, though admitting most Democrats were seated during President Trump’s moving tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William Owens, are still attacking sites like the DailyWire for reporting the facts.

Snopes, in their article about the situation, attempted to defend the Democrats who remained sitting during the applause and tribute to William and Carryn Owens.

They then tried to discredit the Daily Wire article headlining: “AWFUL: Top Democrats Refuse to Stand, Clap for Navy SEAL Widow Honored by Trump”

A piece of the article from the Daily Wire reads:

President Trump honored the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens with a beautiful acknowledgment. Carryn Owens was given a standing ovation we won’t soon forget. The big problem with this amazing moment is that half of the room sat in defiance of President Trump BUT this wasn’t about the president! The Democrats are so blinded by their hatred for Trump that they sat emotionless refusing to honor the fallen. Wow! A low moment for these haters just gave Trump four more years …

But all the attempts by Snopes to discredit what the Daily Wire wrote can easily be shut down by just watching the video.

The situation really starts at 49:14 and at 50:22 we can see where large numbers of Democrats are seated while the cheers become louder and a lot more passionate.

Daily Wire stated in the article: “Democrats initially stood for the widow. But then they sat.” and that’s exactly what happened. Below is more evidence, in the form of a picture:

Politifact and Snopes are defending the democrats by stating that they did actually stand but no one is denying that they didn’t stand at first. They clearly did. However, according to the Daily Wire the real issue is that the democrats “sat down and chose to remain stubbornly and heartlessly seated as this moving tribute began to build to its highest and most memorable point.”

The left-wing “fact” checking sites are pretending that the democrats did nothing wrong during the Navy Seal Tribute. But the video clearly shows how spiteful and rude the democrats were for clearly sitting and not applauding for a standing Carryn Owens.

Politfacts and Snopes are ultimately trying to say that the democrats did nothing grotesque and un-American.

But watch the video for yourself and decide. Let me know your opinions on Facebook or in the comments section below.


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