Prankster Hands Theresa May A Fake P45 During Speech

[Simon Brodkin serves UK Prime Minister May a fake document. | Photo: Getty]
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United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May recently spoke at a televised, Tory conference only for mischief to arise in the form of comedian Simon Brodkin slipping her a fake P45.

Passing as a photographer amid the press horde below the prime minister, Brodkin posed as if he were grabbing his camera but set it down and handed May the paper—she took it. Upon the exchange, Tory security took Brodkin away as people shouted, “Out, out, out!” Local authorities later detained Brodkin—Tory officials confirmed.

[Video: courtesy of The Independent]

While Brodkin pranked Prime Minister May, she re-read part of her speech and ultimately retained her composure. Further, the repeated line entailed her serving a P45 to Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Of course the prankster took to Twitter, claiming Ms. May’s P45 was compliments of Boris Johnson, who publicly alluded to taking May’s job upon learning of her Brexit strategy.

Upon viewing the falsified P45, the “reason for [May’s] termination” was “neither strong nor stable.”

Johnson’s Cabinet career path has seen skepticism upon him undermining May and her Brexit actions. Further, many pushed for Johnson to leave his foreign-secretary position upon his poorly worded comments to “clear up the bodies” in northern Libya.

When Brodkin was shackled and escorted from the Manchester Central venue, his official statement was “Boris told me to do it. He’s left me in the lurch.”

[Source: Twitter/Simon Brodkin]

Prime Minister May spokesperson said, “Greater Manchester Police have arrested a man for breach of peace. His name is out there, and we expect there to be a thorough investigation into what has happened.”

Greater Manchester Police Superintendent John O’Hare said Brodkin was “arrested to prevent a breach of the peace and was released a short time later.” Superintendent O’Hare added, “The man had legitimate accreditation, which granted him access to the conference site. … In light of this, we will be reviewing the accreditation process with the Conservative Party. … Even with accreditation, everyone at the conference goes through airport-style searches before being allowed entry to the site.”

[Brodkin assuring Johnson prior to handing May the fake document. | Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty]
Many know Simon Brodkin as his television-character, “Lee Nelson.” Brodkin’s claim to fame is crashing a FIFA conference and tossing a stack of currency at exiting-president Sepp Blatter. While later released, Brodkin was arrested for that 2015 prank too.

Brodkin’s other pranks entail fashioning a “BHS Destroyer” sign on a superyacht, which was Phillip Green’s (former CEO of now-closed-retailer BHS) and an attempt at passing out Swastika-printed golf balls to folks when Trump was a presidential candidate and doing a Turnberry ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Despite Brodkin’s mischief and May’s own, bothersome coughing attack, security and Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s throat drops saved the day. Further, Tory supporters made confident applause amid the disruption. When Chancellor Hammond went to the stage and handed Prime Minister May the drop, she humorously said, “I hope you noticed that—the chancellor giving something away free.”


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