President Trump To Military Advisers: Be Ready With Options To Smash North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

trump [Source: CBS News]
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North Korea is a threat that must be dealt with, and President Trump is not wasting any time after his recent attacks on Syria. Syria may be releasing chemical weapons on it’s people, but North Korea is a nuclear threat that can attack the world.

There is no shortage of threats coming from the secluded nation, known for their human rights violations and propaganda which keeps their citizens oppressed–and ignorant to the outside world. After many missile tests, the nuclear nation must not be allowed to have launch capabilities that can enable their missiles to hit the United States.

The President has been reported to tell his military advisers to be “ready with a list of options to smash North Korea’s nuclear threat.” The options include everything from pre-emptive missile strikes to raids from special forces.

As reported, “The president has asked [us] to be prepared to give us a full range of options to remove that threat.”

The news comes after Trump launched cruise missiles against Assad in Syria last week, the first time the US has directly targeted the regime during the conflict.

North Korea denounced Trump’s attack as an act of ‘intolerable aggression’ and one that justified ‘a million times over’ its push toward a nuclear deterrent.”

It’s ironic that North Korea is claiming that the US “aggression” with Syria is a reason why they hope to continue to build their capabilities for nuclear attacks on the US. Syria and North Korea are both countries willing to kill their own people without repercussions. They are–without a doubt–both scared of being held responsible for their crimes against humanity.



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