Proposed Canadian Bill Could Destroy Free Speech, Ban Reality

censorship [Source: Bloomberg]
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The transgender issue has become a major problem across the world. From children being taught in elementary school that they are able to “choose their gender,” to a man being named “woman of the year,” the insanity doesn’t seem to end. The transgender delusions aren’t just not ending, they’re getting bigger. Now a proposed Canadian bill hopes to make transgender people a protected group, which would ban free speech for those who believe that transgender people suffer from a mental disorder.

Recently, In Australia, a biological man won an women’s international weight lifting competition. Laurel Hubbard, a biological man, made history by being the first “transgender female to win an international weightlifting title for New Zealand.”

Hubbard had an obvious unfair advantage, but political correctness (and insanity) saw the biological man win a women’s international comptition that dealt with strength. Competitors felt ripped off–and they should be. They were beaten by a biological man.

As reported, “If I was in that category I wouldn’t feel like I was in an equal situation,” two-time Olympian Deborah Acason, who competes at the 75-kilogram level, told New Zealand news site Stuff. “I just feel that if it’s not even, why are we doing the sport?”

If the Canadian bill, known as C-16, is passed, it would ban reality–aside from ruining unlimited future competitions (if the women’s international weight lifting competition was any indicator of future events).

By making those with gender delusions a protected class, those who speak the truth about transgenders would be talking negatively about a protected group of people; hey would be forced to be silent, which in turn would take away their free speech.

“The Canadian Parliament is considering a “gender identity” bill, C-16, that could have dangerous free speech implications. The bill seeks to add “gender identity and gender expression” to Canada’s protected classes listed in the Canadian Human Rights Act, but opponents of the measure fear it will force those who consider gender dysphoria a mental illness to remain silent on the issue.”

Will Canada pass the controversial bill and destroy free speech?



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