Rachel Maddow’s Reaction To Comey’s Firing Highlights Her Incredible Stupidity

rachel maddow [Source: Slate]
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When something is “unprecedented,” that means it has never happened before. That’s not exactly up for debate, unless of course your MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Recently, Maddow called Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey “unprecedented,” right before she began talking about how former President Bill Clinton had done the same thing during his own presidency.

As reported,  “But all of this is unscripted at this point.All of this is unprecedented. There are historical parallels to what happened today, but there is,there has never been anything like this before. There’s been one instance previously in US history in which an FBI director has been fired by a US president. That was a very different circumstance. It was President Bill Clinton. At the time the FBI Director who was fired was William Sessions. There were, uh, in effect, uh, abuse of office concerns that had been documented against him by the Department of Justice.”

Was it really that different, though? Sources say that substantial concerns about James Comey had been documented, according to what was written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the notes describing the reasons for Comey’s dismissal. Clearly, the firing of James Comey wasn’t “unprecedented” at all.

Maddow seems to have really put her foot in her mouth this time–something she seems to be familiar with. Her comments continue to show why it is hard to take her seriously; her thinking is so transparently flawed that labeling her thought process as powered by “stupidity” is a fair description.




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