Rand Paul Had A “Great Time” Golfing With Trump, “Getting Closer” On Healthcare

[Senator Rand Paul prepares for some golf with President Trump. | Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP]
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Like many, opposing politicians do, President Trump and Senator Paul (R-KY) fought if out on the fairways. The two had some seemingly favorable discussions at Trump’s Virginia-based golf club recently. “I had a great time today with @realDonaldTrump,” Senator Paul posted on Twitter, “and believe we are getting closer to an agreement on health care!”

[Source: Twitter/Senator Rand Paul]

Additionally, White House Budget Chief Mick Mulvaeny accompanied the Kentucky senator and the president, as the three spent a Sunday at Trump National Golf Club. Healthcare and a “variety of topics” were pars for the course in that round.

“We had a great day with the president,” Paul informed the US capitol’s press outfit when he reached the White House later that day. “Played some golf, and we talked and we talked about a little bit of healthcare. I continue to be very optimistic that we are getting closer and closer to an agreement on repealing ObamaCare.”

President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday and mentioned “talks on Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare are, and have been, going on.”

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

Originally, Paul and Trump figuratively butted heads on earlier efforts to revise and basically quash The Affordable Care Act. Republican officials ended up black balling ObamaCare prior to voting. Along with other Congressional representatives, Senator Paul was staunch in his position of the bill potentially lacking strong advocacy in both the House and Senate.

More, Paul deemed a prior version “ObamaCare Lite,” as he stressed Congressional Republicans being highly opposed to it.

However, before all the anti-ObamaCare Lite stances, President Trump had other thoughts, which he posted on social media.

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

Ultimately, it seems a solution is near

[Source: Twitter/Mark Knoller]

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