Rand Paul: There Is Still a 75 Percent Chance Obamacare Gets Repealed

[Rand Paul | Source: Huffington Post]
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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was recently trying to get what has been described as a terrible healthcare bill passed, and luckily it failed. The failure to get the American Health Care Act passed was a blow to Ryan, and unfortunately Trump as well. It didn’t help that it was being called Obamacare 2.0; many Republicans came forward describing how horrified they were about the possibility of it being passed.

While the failed bill was being written, Senator Rand Paul was taped by camera crews showing that he was unable to get into the meeting where it was being formed — something that stunk of corruption. Everyone wants to get rid of Obamacare, but the people don’t want to fall into passing something even worse (if that is even possible). Luckily, the first draft failed, but whats next?

Paul has become the face of Republican outsiders looking to hold the party accountable for repealing Obamacare, all while not attempting to pass something horrible that could become a stain on the Republican Party. Paul was recently on CNN’s “The Lead” where he sounded optimistic about the possibility of the repeal of Obamacare still happening, by a new and better bill.

As reported by Breitbart, while Rand Paul was on CNN he said, “I think the Freedom Caucus is doing what is best for America. They’re very principled and honorable men. I think that we’re trying to also let Republicans know if we pass something bad, if insurance rates are going up at 20 percent, 25 percent a year from now after Republicans have taken ownership of health care, that won’t be good for the party. It is also just not good for the country.”

“We do want insurance rates to go down,” he added. “We want more people to have insurance at a lower cost, and I’m still talking to the White House. I am still talking to the Freedom Caucus. I am talking to anybody that will listen, and I do still think — I think 70 percent, 75 percent chance that we still do get repeal of Obamacare, that we are going to find a good meeting place at some point. ”

Hopefully Trump can get a good bill signed into law that repeals and replaces Obamacare; it is after all a campaign promise he made.


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