Rape Survivor Writes Open Letter In Support Of Campus Carry

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Recently, Shayna Lopez-Rivas wrote an open letter to Florida Senator Diaz de la Portilla, defending campus carry legislation. Lopez-Rivas is a rape survivor who was attacked on her own college campus, and she asks, “Sen. Diaz de la Portilla, why are you so adamant in denying me my right to protect myself and have a gun on campus?”

As Lopez-Rivas explains, campus carry rights help protect women; many college campuses are not nearly as safe as they proclaim to be. She explains at Florida State Univeristy, there are maybe 10 uniformed guards on duty at any given time—and they alone police the expansive campus. She notes that in just the year 2014, there were 17 reported assaults on the school’s campus.

She writes that while the school’s president and other officials maintain that the campus is perfectly safe, her own experience has proved otherwise. “I already used pepper spray once; do you want to know how that ended for me? I was left shaking and crying, half naked on campus grounds, with cut marks all over my body. That’s what pepper spray did for me,” Lopez-Rivas writes.

Now, she is a gun rights activist and is armed with statistics on her side—and a gun, when its permitted. As Lopez-Rivas explains, just 0.1% of rapes are carried out when a woman has a gun to defend herself with. Conversely, 34% of rapes will be completed in the face of any other weapon, like pepper spray. She also reports that all of the mass shootings that have occurred in the last 60 years or so have occurred in gun-free zones—with the exception of just two.

Though it seems the Left often forgets, gun rights are for women too.

Lopez-Rivas concludes her letter by stating that she hopes her story will open people’s eyes and engage thoughtful discussion with campus carry opposition.

She concludes her letter by stating, “I hope everyone will understand why it’s so important that the bill be scheduled for a vote. Senator Diaz de la Portilla: Don’t let me be raped on campus again, let me arm myself, and whether you vote yes or no, at least schedule the campus carry bill for a vote.”


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