Report: Far-left Group Plans On Wearing Hijabs So They Can File “Hate Crimes” If They’re Touched During Protest

hijabs [Source: DC Statesman]
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There seems to be no end to the insanity against Trump supporters waged by far-left groups. Every fringe group appears to be coming out with hopes of controlling the narrative–that Trump supporters are ignorant racists. The lies by these groups just aren’t holding up with the average American.

It is hard to imagine that fringe groups think they can persuade the majority of Americans that they live in a racist country, especially when they overwhelmingly support Trump–the left’s definition of a “racist.”

Now, a far-left group called Antifa is said to be planning on wearing hijabs at an unspecified future event so if they are “touched” by Trump supporters they can file hate crimes against them. Unfortunately, the plan–which depends on protesters being touched–is a strong indicator that they will be looking to get into physical altercations (so they can see their plan through).

The insanity doesn’t stop with far-left groups; the mainstream media also continues to try to push hatred towards those who support the rightfully elected President. Is it really hard to wonder why Americans trust Donald Trump more than the media?

Although the idea of wearing hijabs in an attempt to push for hate crimes against innocent people may be insane, liberal activists like to abuse the law to undermine those they disagree with politically. A good example of abusing the law against Americans can be found in the actions of judges who keep blocking Trump’s temporary immigration ban(s).

As recently reported, “According to a Facebook post noted by Prison Planet:

Dear Friends and resist(ers), today, tomorrow and always we must resist the fascist movement of Trump and his puppets! They are becoming more dangerous by the day. They are armed and they are not afraid of confrontation or intimidation. We need to become more organized. Everyone please buy a niqab and wear one when protesting. You cannot be touched! If any Trump puppet touches you, you can charge them with a hate crime! This is the only way we can take them down. Please also get the backing of your local Mosque if police come questioning your religion. They will always help you as long as it is to resist Satan Trump and his puppet demon followers…”

How much longer will the left get away with working to use US law against honest people?



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