Report: Global Antisemitism Drops 12%, But Surges By 45% On US Campuses

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Is antisemitism evolving into a thing of the past? Is it something that is slowly but surely becoming extinct? Well with a 12% decrease in “violent incidents of antisemitism” worldwide, dropping to 361 from 410 in 2015 it’s easy to assume that the world is becoming a better place for jews.

But that’s only one side of the story. The amount of incidents of antisemitism on US campuses has rocketed to a 45% increase. So, the world may be safer for Jews “in general” but it has gotten considerably worse for Jews on college campuses in America.

These figures were released in a report during a joint press conference at Tel-Aviv University by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry and the European Jewish Congress.

The countries which saw the most notable decrease were France and Belgium which saw a 61% and 60% decrease in violent antisemitic incidents respectively. The report notes that the reasons for these drops are because of the increased security protecting Jewish institutions in these nations. And the blending in of Jews in modern society, meaning — Jews are becoming harder to identify as many Jews have stopped wearing Kippot in public.

The UK and Australia can’t boast of the same decreases as France and Belgium as these two English speaking countries have seen increases in antisemitic incidents by 11% and 10% respectively. The UK, however, despite seeing an increase of 11% in antisemitic incidents have also seen a 13% decrease in VIOLENT antisemitic incidents.

But US campuses have topped the list as the most dangerous places for Jews in the year 2016 with a 45% increase in incidents (as mentioned before). Ideologies like anti-Zionism and pro-Palestinian movements, such as BDS have been the trigger of much of the hatred towards Jews on US campuses.

“While the number of antisemitic incidents, especially violent ones, has decreased worldwide in 2016, the enemies of the Jewish people have found new avenues to express their antisemitism – with significant increase of hate online and against less protected targets, like cemeteries,” Kantor said. “This means that, in fact, the motivation has not declined and the sense of security felt by many Jewish communities remains fragile.”

And it is a fact that the use of weapons and arson against Jews and Jewish establishments have decreased, but according to the report unprotected cemeteries and memorials are still being attacked violently.

It has also stated that hate-speech towards Jews on the internet have grown to be more threatening and according to the World Jewish Congress, every 83 seconds in the year 2016 sees the posting of an antisemitic post on social media.

Kantor believes that hatred towards Jews hasn’t dropped worldwide, but simply changed its medium, online being the main medium.

“We are now witnessing that the targeting of Jews is no longer the sole domain of the far Right. The far Left is now using the same messages, tactics, and agenda,” Kantor said. “Indeed, some who describe themselves as liberal and progressive are in league with the most regressive movements, ideologies, and regimes.”

Hitler may be dead but his message of hate towards the Jews still lives on in the dark hearts of some people and that message is being relayed worldwide by means of Social Media. And this undoubtedly needs to stop!

Source: The Jerusalem Post


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