Report: Media Matters Pushing Campaign To Label Christians As “Hate Group”

christian cross [Source: LifeSiteNews]
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It’s being reported that Media Matters has joined forces with various LGBT groups in an attempt to push for Christians to be labeled as a “hate group.” From Christian bakers being fined for not baking a “gay wedding” cake, to corporations with Christian owners being targeted due to their religion, there appears to be no end in the fight against Christians in the US by the “gay mafia.”

Ironically, many LGBT groups have joined protests with Muslim groups who are even more anti-gay than Christians. In Muslim countries it is common for homosexuals to be murdered for their sexual preference. Why are Christians singled out, especially when they are non-violent?

As reported, “A new attempt to label Christians as a hate group has emerged from a newly formed LGBT coalition. Could Christians soon face hate crimes?

The campaign is led by Media Matters For America and includes the National Center for Transgender Equality, The National LGBTQ Task Force, SoulForce, The Equality Federation, and The Matthew Shepard Foundation.”

It’s hard to understand how LGBT groups can have so much hatred towards a group of non-violent people, especially when 70 percent of people in the US consider themselves to be Christian.

Nothing is expected to come out of the push for labeling Christians a hate group. The majority of the US population wouldn’t agree that they are full of hate. The real hate appears to be the rhetoric coming from the LGBT community against Christians and others who don’t support gay marriage and the gay lifestyle.

Why do the most hateful people always pretend to be victims?



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