Report: North Korea Just Fired Several Missiles At Japan

north korea [Source: The Mirror]
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North Korea has been very vocal with threats against the United States in what is quickly escalating into actions that may lead to war. Earlier this month, North Korea fired four missiles near Japan. Afterward, they claimed it was target practice for attacking US bases. The world is taking notice as the nuclear power appears to be actively seeking war.

For the first time in history, Navy Seal Team 6 joined South Koreans in joint military drills in the region. In response, North Korea threatened to “nuke” the US if a single shot was fired. Is Trump going to be forced to respond?

North Korea isn’t just a nuclear power; they are master manipulators known to control the minds of their people through propaganda and fear. The North Korean state-run Media has even previously reported a legitimate “unicorn lair” found in the nation. With ridiculous claims mentioning unicorns, it’s clear the US is dealing with a force willing to  say anything to maintain their power.

Now, North Korea is said to have just fired missiles at Japan. Luckily, the launch seems to have not been successful—possibly postponing further escalation (for now).

As reported by MSN, “North Korea is feared to have launched several missiles towards Japan on Wednesday morning.

‘The launch, from the eastern area of Wonsan, may have failed,’ Kyodo News reported.

South Korea believes a the missile launch did not go off normally, the South Korean defense ministry said, adding it was conducting analysis for further details.”

Should we be scared that a corrupt nation has nuclear weapons? The doomsday clock is only 2.5 minutes until midnight, so it’s fair to say that scientists are worried.


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