Report: Trump Suggests Solar Panels For Border

[Photo: "Associated Press"]
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To take a bit of the costly edge off from the border-wall project, President Trump proposed solar panels be built along the US’s southern-divider line. His concept came amid a Congressional, Republican conference June 6th.

While the president’s plan is still be ironed out, the idea is solar-panel-energy sales revenue would go toward paying the construction fees to build the wall.

[Solar panels would be installed on the border wall in order to help pay for construction. | Photo: Business Wire via AP]
“I think it’s innovative,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commented to the media. “To authorize it and to appropriate it wouldn’t cost as much.”

Upon the US leaving the Paris Agreement, many Democrats were unhappy—but they may be pleased to learn of Trump’s environmentally friendly idea while still being unpleased with the president’s border-wall promise.

“He’s been looking at a lot of options, and this is a new option that he’s been looking at that sounds like it’s got real promise,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said.

As originally intended, President Trump’s wall would be conducive to illegal-immigration prevention and troubleshooting the US-Mexico drug trade. Trump originally meant for Mexico to finance the divide; unfortunately, there was too much opposition from its government. Therefore, the president proposed the US fronting the money only for Mexico to reimburse North America.

Currently, Congress has yet to approve the funds needed to implement the dividing effort—an estimated $20 billion. However, Team Trump had a prospective, initial $1.4 billion from the spending bill that was recently approved. But due to both Republican and Democrat Congressional heads not budging to relinquish the funds, the wall’s construction is uncertain.

Nevertheless, President Trump may run the wall-funding idea again in September 2017.


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