Republicans Have Once Again Scammed Their Voters: They Promised to Defund Planned Parenthood, Be Fiscally Responsible & Build A Secure Border Wall. They Couldn’t Get It Done Even When Controlling The White House and Congress.

[Photo: AFP/Getty Images]
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We may have won the election battle, but the overarching war’s not looking great. Recently, Republican-ruled Congress declared a budget plan to keep the government wheels turning—not in the greatest way.

Within this so-called deal, Team Trump gave it all to the Democrats: no serious trimming of domestic spending, the EPA’s still funded and national parks were granted an increase in federal dollars.

[Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) | Photo: AP]
In addition to the Democrats’ environmental victory, more domestic issues have sustained. Obamacare’s still a thorn in the country’s side; there will be a mass surplus of H1B visas for immigrant employees. Also, while President Trump targeted entities like the National Endowment for the Arts, they saw a fair amount of money too.

However, Republicans basically got the shaft. Planned Parenthood’s still running strong. More, the bill expressly prohibits money going toward the border wall or Border Patrol security. The only thing our team saw was more federal dollars for the Pentagon. National defense and bankers are surely jumping for joy—for the meantime.

Overall, Republicans are feeling scammed by their own government representatives. Basically, no promises were kept. Conservatives rule the White House and Congress—and nothing…

Actually, it’s not even a matter of broken promises; it’s that there was nothing bolstering these supposedly solid words when it came down to it. Lots of talking was done during Obama’s reign, but there’s no walking—even with the GOP in control.

[Illustration: courtesy of Rick McKee]
When it’s election-campaign time, our political folks spew a lot of words on fiscal accountability; but when they get the figurative crown, all that rhetoric seemingly goes out the proverbial window. It could even be argued that Democratic presidents are fiscally responsible than our candidates.

It’s not only Planned Parenthood and national-budget issues that Republican leaders struggle with. Right politicians have also vowed to regrow manufacturing employment and breathe human life back into coal mining—while not addressing the automation issues behind it all. Ultimately, it’s doubtful the coal industry will have a surplus of human positions. (Tech + politicians = misery for humans)

Con”servative indeed. They need to stop their grifting ways. This recent, budgetary action should serve as a slap to the back of the collective-American head—no more! With GOPers throwing out empty promises, they may as well leave politics and get into something worthwhile—e.g., the World Wildlife Fund.


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