Romney Tweets His Support Of Antifa

[Photo: Cliff Owen/AP]
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Mitt Romney sent out a tweet indicating his support of Antifa on Tuesday. Romney declared “one side is racist, bigoted, Nazi,” while the other “opposes racism and bigotry.” He went on to say they were “morally different universes,” playing right into the Left-wing’s favorite tropes: their alleged moral superiority exempts them from responsibility when leftist causes prove violent—any opposers are racist, bigoted Nazis.

As sources note, since the Charlottesville protest, liberal media has all but expunged the “neo-Marxist agitators” of any wrongdoing; rather they have conveyed these extremists to the world as “counter-demonstrators” protesting for moral good. But is that really what they’re doing? Or are they just trying to silence anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them?

These are the same groups whose protests are so violent, numerous conservative speakers have been forced to cancel events due to safety concerns. These are the people who’ve destroyed property to the tune of hundreds of thousands in damages—just to protest conservatives.

But yet, the media and people like Mitt Romney seem to imply they are just, because they are in a “morally different universe.”

President Trump has drawn tremendous ire for his condemnation of violence on both sides, but this raises some important questions: Where do we draw the line when it comes to acceptable and unacceptable behavior? And if political beliefs are allowed to define when and where violence is acceptable, is that not a pathway to tyranny?

Trump is right to condemn violence from both sides. Romney’s siding with Antifa just goes to show why so many conservatives hated Romney—why so many people believe establishment Republicans and Democrats are one and the same.


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