Ronald Reagan Statue Could Replace Communist Monument In Ukraine

Ronald Reagan
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Ukraine is in the process of honoring great American-leader Ronald Reagan with his own statue in the city of Kiev.

Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation (UEFF) made the plea to Ukraine’s local government, asking them to demolish a former statue in the city center of Bolshevik revolutionary Dmytro Manuilsky and replace it with one of Ronald Reagan.

Informaza described Manuilsky as a communist leader in the Russian Revolution—pivotal to the overthrowing of the royal family and formation of the Soviet Union.

President of the UEFF, Maryan Zablotskyy, said, “This is to underline the great impact Reagan had on the destruction of communism. Reagan met Ukrainian diaspora and proclaimed, ‘your struggle is our struggle.’ And we are forever thankful for that. Ukraine now has special laws in place that forbid the use of any communist regalia and symbols. We think this victory over totalitarianism should be polished with a monument to Reagan, who led the anti-communist movement globally. We have so far developed a concept of the monument with the help of locally known architect Kostyantyn Skrytytsky and will be going through necessary public debates and permit procedure.”

But Ukraine won’t be the first nation outside of the US to erect a statue of the great, Republican leader. Sofia, Bulgaria and Hungary have already built up statues of Ronald Reagan.

“So far, we have developed a draft concept of the monument. The monument will represent a larger composition, which includes elevation to step up to Reagan,” Zablotskyy said. “This underlines the importance of Reagan. The height of statue itself is 2.4 meters (7 feet, 10 inches). Thus, visitors will be able to go up a few steps, shake Reagan’s hand and take a photo while being slightly smaller in size compared to Reagan. Behind Reagan, will be a small wall, which will feature his quotes about Ukraine and Ukrainian diaspora, for example: ‘Your struggle is our struggle…’ Also, this wall will have broken and melted symbols of USSR. Elements of the Berlin Wall will be used in construction.”


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