Rush Limbaugh’s Take On Domestic-Budget Bill: “Why Is Anybody Voting Republican If This Is What Happens When We Win?”

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It might be a question stewing in the back of many conservatives’ heads.

While Rush’s quote (above) alludes to him degrading President Trump, any Limbaugh follower should recognize otherwise—he meant it as a professional “What’s up with that?” The reality is special-interest groups are accountable for the spending appropriations—Rush says. (Well, in addition to corruption in the GOP.) It’s all legitimate, but what about the Trump we chose to clean out the Washington gutters? Is President Trump holding himself accountable at all? If Obama was a guest on a conservative show, would he publicly take any accountability if the Dems ruled Congress during his reign and shilled out such a bill?

While being a Trump supporter, Limbaugh acknowledges the president needs to jump on that proactive saddle and compose original legislation that goes directly to Capitol Hill. However, and humor this notion for a moment, it could be Trump may not even be concerned with the finer points in legislation. Said theory certainly sheds light on the health-care situation—as well as the odd 180s with Trump’s presidential-campaign issues he’d manage (e.g., NATO becoming almost useless and the weirdness with China’s currency). However, perhaps his goal is to just be as celebrated as possible—loophole his way out of any situation where he’d be the fall guy (rather than tackling policy).

[Video: courtesy of DailyRushbo]

More from Rush:

“But the dirty little secret is that there isn’t any evidence that anywhere in Washington is there any aspect of the Trump agenda on display. It doesn’t seem to be that in the House of Representatives that there is a desire to implement any of the Trump agenda. It doesn’t seem in the Senate that there is a desire to implement any of the Trump agenda. It does seem in the House that there is a lot of energy devoted to stopping a Trump agenda. Ditto in the Senate…

This budget is a direct slap in the face. This budget is a stop sign. And it’s throwing down the gauntlet. ‘You may be elected president, but you’re not getting anything. Nothing’s gonna happen here.’ And if Donald Trump cannot rely on the members of his own party—are you really telling me we can’t get a replace and repeal Obamacare bill after all this time? And I don’t mean since Trump won the election; I’m talking about since it was passed seven years ago, six—whatever it is now…

I’m telling you, folks, the will isn’t there. The establishment, whatever you want to call this bunch of people, the ruling class, the establishment, the donors, whatever you want to call ’em, they’re not just gonna roll over and let Trump implement those things that he campaigned on just because he won the office—just because he won the presidency. And he’s going to have to overcome this if he’s going to be successful. And the way he’s going to have overcome it, he’s going to have to have his own staff, legislative staff, in the White House that writes this legislation and muscles its way through…

I have to think he knows better than I do—better than anybody else does—’cause he’s living it. I don’t know what his expectations were. I can believe that he expected the Republicans were gonna be deliriously happy at his victory and deliriously happy to work with him, and I fully think that he expected the Republicans to be on his team and that they would be working together to get a whole lot of this stuff done to fix and repair America and stop this descending trend that our country is in.”

You’d think officials pulled a “Marcus Brutus” on the president. Then again, he’s only the Commander In Chief of the United States…hmmm.


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