San Juan Mayor Wears “Nasty” Shirt On Live TV After Trump Calls Her “Nasty”

[San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz in "nasty" shirt. | Image: Univision]
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While political leaders generally reflect the people they govern, they’re also to be an upstanding example of their respective people’s best parts. However, rather than rising above pettiness and setting an example for San Juan, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz opted to wear a “nasty” T-shirt during an interview. With said shirt, Mayor Yulin Cruz’s intent was to echo and ultimately remind President Trump of a statement he’d made in the past—re: he said the Democrats told Yulin Cruz to be “nasty” to him.

“This was a PR, 17-minute meeting,” Mayor Yulín Cruz said to MSNBC—re: a conference between President Trump and Puerto Rico’s governing officials. Amid the gathering, the president told them to be grateful for the federal aid given to the island.

Nevertheless, Mayor Yulin Cruz condescended Trump’s visiting a Puerto Rican relief center, how he threw paper-towel rolls to folks and passed out rice bags. “In fact, this terrible and abominable view of him throwing paper towels and throwing provisions at people, it’s—really—it does not embody the American spirit,” she said.

[Video: courtesy of The Independent]

Further, Mayor Yulin Cruz’s somewhat of a message-carrying-T-shirt fan. Since Hurricane Maria’s initial destruction to Puerto Rico, the mayor wore another shirt with “Help us, we are dying” on it.

Ultimately, Yulin Cruz found President Trump’s visit to be anything but helpful rather favored communication with White House staff in terms of assistance and effectivity. (…seems a bit personal rather than a legitimate issue.)

Despite Mayor Yulin Cruz’s behavior, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) claimed 13,000 federal staffers are in Puerto Rico. The FEMA folks have restored/replenished 74 percent of the island’s gas stations, re-opened 65 percent of local grocery stores and helped 156 bank branches be up and running again. They’ve even revived 92 percent of Puerto Rico’s hospitals. But Mayor Yulin Cruz said diesel-fuel distribution is weak and might result in power loss at generator-reliant hospitals.

Seemingly, Mayor Yulin Cruz’s ungrateful for FEMA’s efforts. More, what happened to the philosophy of helping people help themselves? Yes, the US is providing aid to its territory, but what about the gratitude and Puerto Rico meeting FEMA halfway?


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