Are Sanctuary Cities Safer? The “Sanctuary City” Movement Is Nothing More Than A Pandering, Political Charade Aimed At Hispanic Voters—And Sanctimonious, Fellow-Leftist Elites.

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With all these “sanctuary cities” in the US, it’s important to remember the words of President George Washington:

“The policy or advantage of [immigration] taking place in a body (I mean the settling of them in a body) may be much questioned; for, by so doing, they retain the language, habits, and principles good or bad which they bring with them. Whereas by an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures, and laws: in a word, soon become one people. (President Washington, 1794)”

When engaging liberals, see it as an opportunity to observe them as they interpret “facts.” They seemingly manipulate hard truths so those situations will better fit their political and multicultural agendas.

Many of them don’t realize how these “sanctuary cities” perpetuate instability and volatility, as these areas and their enablers provide immunity to illegal immigrants—ultimately a catalyst for criminals.

But liberals will almost always rationalize away such things as “sanctuary cities,” as they hold multiculturalism oh so sacred. However, there’s actually danger behind all the “love” and “so-happy-together” feelings—liberal sheep are simply too obliviously loyal to see it. Their fearless DNC leaders use the sanctuary-city movement as a conduit to obtain more Hispanic voters.

[MS-13 gang members in cuffs in sanctuary cities |]
Obama’s “immigration-reform strategy” wasn’t made for long-term existence—it would’ve tainted their dying breed and stereotypical working-class followers with lower-paid migrants. G.W. Bush’s administration would never have let the country come close to the shit show it is currently—there’s much to clean up. But again, Democratic causes are created with built-in smokescreens. They convince Hispanic voters they’ll be pardoned of any/all crimes—but the Dems keep that promise dangling in their would-be constituents’ faces.

Additionally, the US now has 500+ sanctuary cities—an almost-doubled sum compared to 2016’s count. Trump opponents use his immigration laws to fuel their motivation to perpetuate sanctuary efforts. Fortunately, the president is putting those cities in check via $2.7 billion in federal funding to be cut if they don’t adhere to US laws.

Of the many things sanctuary cities perpetuate, gang violence is a prime problem. While most of the crime stays within the criminal underworld, it’s starting to plague unrelated, US citizens. According to a 2015, FBI Uniform Crime Report, 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred that year—that’s a 3.9-percent increase from 2014!

[Gang members | Source: PatriotPost.US]
This all started when Obama implemented his battle against police officers. But don’t just go by the numbers, check out what happened to this physician on his way home:

“Last week, a friend was on his way home to our mountain community outside of Chattanooga. He stopped at a hardware store for some supplies, and when he returned to his vehicle in broad daylight, he was subjected to aggravated kidnapping (at gunpoint) and robbery. A local, gang thug forced my friend into his vehicle for an ‘ATM joyride’—after stealing the money in his wallet, the thug forced him to drive to a nearby, money machine and withdraw hundreds of dollars. My friend kept his calm though and was later released without bodily harm.

My friend, a physician and man of strong faith (who had no option to fend off the armed assailant), told the gang member at the end of the ordeal as the offender left his car, ‘I will be praying for you—and this story is not over.’ The gang member was later arrested, and I suspect the next chapter of this story will likely be my friend’s role in leading the offender to the transformation of God’s grace—behind bars.

But the first chapter of this story (which now occurs with alarming regularity across our country) could have ended in violence and tragedy. Indeed, most gang violence occurred between gang members a few years ago, but it is now metastasizing into frequent violence against citizens who have nothing to do with gangs.”

To the above evidence, liberals might cite this study from Annenberg’s Public Policy Center. But that gets thrown out, as it’s comparing crime rate between immigrant and non-immigrant areas—not illegals. They could also reference the Cato Institute study that’s similar to Annenberg’s. And again, this one’s quashed: “Note on Illegal Immigration: the public focus is on the crime rates of unauthorized or illegal immigrants. The research papers above mostly include all immigrants regardless of legal status.”

[The above, geographical information was posted November 2016 | Source:]
When discussing illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities with liberals, it’s best and wise to cite facts rather than political-rhetoric-loaded opinions—hard facts reflect numbers and recorded instances. Furthermore, the majority of sanctuary cities are suffering from their respective, violence epidemics. In 2015, Los Angeles saw an overall 19.9-percent increase in violent crime—homicides: 10.2 percent; shootings: 12.6 percent; rapes: 8.6 percent; aggravated assault: 27.5 percent.

That’s just one of many cities—e.g., Chicago, New York City, etc. Rather than trying to shut liberals down, educate them. When they start bantering…offer your counterpoints in the form of a question—e.g., “What about the [insert numbers and facts] in Xx location?” More often than not, they’ll either get frustrated and possibly throw profanity back or simply walk away. Grunt research and tactical discussion are what’ll win this one, ladies and gentlemen.


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