School Bans ‘Tag’ Game Claiming Students ‘Touch Too Hard’

tag game [Source: Off The Grid News]
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The American education system has been famously liberalized and politicized. All the Hippies from the ’70s seemingly went into teaching. Their “free love,” communism and everything in between can be seen in college students. Today’s students want nothing more than to hate capitalism and Republicans—all while having their birth control paid for.

Yesteryear’s liberal-influenced students are teaching our nation’s children, turning them into shadows of the once-great American youth. Many parents are switching to homeschooling their children, as the insanity has gotten out of control. It was only a couple of years ago when the term “safe space” was never heard of, and now it’s commonly used in indoctrination houses across the nation.

In 2017, feminizing men is the new normal. In addition to drugging children with unnecessary, ADHD-related medications, we have now expanded our accepted forms of child abuse by transforming kids into “wussies.”

In a system that teaches elementary-school children they are free to choose their gender, how much further away from reality can we expect our educational institutions to go? We are living in a twisted reality brought on by years of far-left political rule. Now, the insanity has spread to young children, with one school recently banning the game of tag because students “touch too hard.”

‘Today, we implemented new procedures at school aimed at reducing physical contact and related problem behaviors,’ Gold Ridge Elementary Principal David Frankel communicated in a note to parents. ‘Student(s) were instructed that physical contact, including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed in the yard.’

Frankel emailed four parents with a warning and a description of the discipline their children will face for playing too rough.

“‘Today your child received a warning for unsafe/physical play (i.e., tag/pushing),’ Frankel wrote. ‘They walked with the yard supervisor for the remainder of recess.’”

It is scary to think about just where today’s youth will be when they become adults. It is being reported that “Generation Z” may be the most conservative generation in years; it must be due to trying to understand the twisted world previous generations have created for them.


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