Seriously? Obama Warns Against Patriotism While Praising Islam

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Independence Day is a time for Americans to celebrate their nation—but it seems Barrack Obama has a problem with patriotism. In the days leading up to the Fourth of July, the former president spoke before a crowd in Jakarta (Indonesia) and warned them about the dangers of so-called “aggressive nationalism.” While he did not specifically mention the US, Obama chose to speak on a variety of topics that could be seen as commentary on politics in the US as well as Indonesia. Some of Obama’s topics included inequality, terrorism, “fake news” and social media.

Obama even went so far as to praise Indonesia’s Constitution and the country as a whole. He commented, “The spirit of this country has to be one of tolerance. It’s enshrined in Indonesia’s constitution, it’s symbolized by mosques and temples and churches beside each other… That spirit is one of the defining things about Indonesia. It is one of the most important characteristics to set as an example for other Muslim countries around the world,” he explained.

While Indonesia is home to several religions, a majority of the population practices Islam. Recently, a Christian governor was sent to prison for “blaspheming the Qura’n.”

Tolerance at its finest, no doubt.

Obama also spoke about the virtues of his Muslim stepfather and stated, “If you are strong in your own faith, then you should not be worried about someone else’s faith.”

His comment may have been met with applause from the audience, but many people find the irony of his statement more laughable than anything else. In a nation where where women and Christians are often abused and mistreated, it’s hard to believe “tolerance” means much of anything. Real tolerance doesn’t just apply to the people who demand to be “tolerated.” Patriotism is part of American culture; where’s Obama’s tolerance for that?


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