Socialist Venezuela Just Ran out of Gasoline, Even Though They Have the Largest Oil Reserves on Earth

no gas for venezuela [Source: IB Times]
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There seems to be no end to the insanity coming out of socialist Venezuela. The world has a front row seat viewing exactly what socialism does to a country, and it’s horrifying. One would imagine Bernie Sanders and others who parade around socialism would stop praising it after seeing the devastation it creates. How many more times must history repeat itself before those who peddle the flawed system realize it’s always doomed to fail?

From eating zoo animals to survive starvation, to lines many hours long that can offer nothing, people are suffering. Venezuela’s Dictator, Nicolás Maduro, has even recently came out to blame bakeries for bread shortages, in what is possibly one of the worst cases of denial in modern history.

Now, it’s being reported that many Venezuelans are becoming stranded because gasoline is no longer available. It’s shocking that Venezuela could run out of gas, they are known to have the world’s largest oil reserves.

As reported by Breitbart, “According to PDVSA documents obtained by Reuters, the oil corporation increased its exports by 22,000 barrels per day last month to meet the demands of its allies. While expanding the amount of oil it was shipping to the international community, PDVSA ran out of money to pay for the refined oil it is forced to import from abroad.

Reuters claims “about 10 tankers are waiting near PDVSA ports in Venezuela and the Caribbean to discharge fuel for domestic consumption and for oil blending.” Whether Venezuela can afford the $20 million per cargo it owes in order to stop the shortage from causing chaos on Venezuelan streets remains unknown. Venezuelan officials have refused to sell the imported oil at market value as a means of keeping their popularity with poorer Venezuelans, putting strain on the nation’s coffers.”

Will Venezuela see a revolution before their people are starve to death? With many now immobile, there is no way out.


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