South Korean Citizen Finds Crashed, Spy Drone Filled With Photos Of US Missile-Defense System.

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North Korea seems determined to attack the US—ultimately, a lost cause. At the moment, the US probably wouldn’t go all guns blazing into North Korea because of the sheer amount of innocent people who would be at risk. But North Korea is really provoking the world to take serious actions. It’s probably only a matter of time before Kim Jong-un feels the fire.

North Korea is so serious about their threats that they sent a spy drone to gather images of US, anti-missile defense systems in South Korea. A South Korean resident found a crashed, North Korean drone in an Inje County forest.

Reports availed the spy drone captured more than 550 pictures—including where the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) is based. The drone was armed with only a 35mm camera. Officials believe it crashed due to engine failure.

As you can imagine, South Korean officials weren’t very happy to discover North Korea was spying on them. They call it an “unlawful incursion.”

“It’s a military provocation. It’s an agent spying on a neighboring country’s military information,” Kyungnam University Institute for Far Eastern Studies Professor Kim Dong-yub said. “It’s the same as sending a spy.”

As most things with North Korea goes, the spy drone was incredibly outdated and didn’t possess any kind of technology within it for “real-time reconnaissance.” Due to the country being technologically challenged, it’s highly unlikely the captured images made it back to North Korea.

But despite the drone’s incredibly crappy technology, South Korean officials are still very much concerned.

The country is spending up to $35 billion a year on defense, but they still can’t detect when a small drone infiltrates their borders.

At the moment, the American military is increasing their presence around the Korean peninsula.

South Korea is a great ally of America; and if any harm comes to South Korea, we can bet America will fight back.

Kim Jong-un is clearly, mentally unstable. I want nothing more than to see him and his goons removed from power. I want to see  innocent North Koreans liberated–the North’s “nukes” deactivated. I’m pretty sure Team Trump has a plan to take out Kim Jong-un, but something like that would have to remain classified. All we can do now is wait.


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