Stephen Colbert Goes After Trump With Crude Sexual Remark

[Source: Slate]
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Will Stephen Colbert get any push-back for a recent crude remark about President Donald Trump? Well, to be honest, it’s not likely–especially given that his show is generally considered to be geared towards liberals. And if there’s one thing we can be sure of, its that leftists and liberals have an unyielding distaste for our new president, as well as all of his supporters.

What was this remark, you may be wondering? As recently reported, in his latest diatribe against President Trump, Colbert exclaimed, The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c— holster.”

It’s not unexpected that Colbert made a joke at Trump’s expense. Colbert’s admittedly witty commentary on our new president has given his TV show’s ratings a tremendous boost; it’s practically become a staple for his show.

The recent lowly insult that Stephen Colbert foisted at Trump represents a much bigger problem. While it’s a crude and vulgar thing to say, the issue goes far deeper than just that. The problem is that the left seems to think that Trump and his supporters (and lets be honest, anyone who doesn’t fit the liberal mold) deserve any and all insults that can be hurled at them.

As reported, “It is very clearly doxxing and harassing small-dollar donors,” Brianna Wu, a Democratic congressional candidate in Massachusetts told sources recently.

“There’s a real sense — that we have to get past on the left — that every person who voted for Trump is evil,” she went on to say.

At least one member of the left appears to understand that the current liberal mindset is not very helpful to society. Their so-called “progressiveness” and “tolerance” is really anything but; they only tolerate people who agree with them and politicians that pander to their causes.



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