Steven Crowder Crashes “Young Turks” Host Cenk Uygur’s SXSW Panel

crowder [Cenk Uygur and Steven Crowder | Source: Infowars]
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Comedian and conservative-media-personality Steven Crowder is known for hilarious impersonations. His videos have been a major success on YouTube by gaining millions of views. In the past, he has done impersonations of everyone from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders.

Crowder is reported to have crashed a panel at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas—dressed as Cenk Uygur. The real Cenk Uyger was on a festival panel, so the event made waves after Crowder wasn’t just impersonating The Young Turks host but mocking him (to his face) during a speaking arrangement.

It has been said that Crowder’s Uyger-panel “crash” was in response to Uyger previously crashing InfoWars Alex Jones’ live broadcast during the past Republican National Convention. Uyger seemed uncomfortable as he was receiving a taste of his own medicine.

“The dull conversation was interrupted by activist and comedian Steven Crowder who has previously impersonated Uygur on his YouTube channel.

Crowder’s impersonation was inspired by Uygur’s freakout moment when Alex Jones walked on The Young Turks set during a live broadcast at the RNC in July 2016.”

Will Uyger do anything to get back at Steven Crowder? Maybe we will see an ongoing, troll war between the liberal and conservative hosts—they are in the entertainment business. It may be trolling enough for Uyger to just show up at the RNC again. He is an outspoken, liberal Democrat.


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