Tennessee’s Response To California’s State Travel Ban Is Perfect

[Source: AboveTheLaw.com]
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You may have heard about how crazy California’s state travel ban is, but Tennessee’s response to it is even better. Recently, the Golden State announced that they would be barring state-sponsored travel to states that California lawmakers believe foster “anti-LGBTQ laws.” In light of being one of the states on the California travel ban list, Tennessee crafted a brilliant response:

The Tennessee resolution makes some very astute observations, such as the fact that such a travel ban would prohibit the Golden State’s athletic teams from competing in out-of-state events, such as the upcoming March Madness event, which is going to be held in Memphis. The resolution also touches on how ridiculous it is for a state to ban travel to other states, suggesting that this type of action in the face of disagreement is “neither persuasive nor productive.”

The document also states, “Be it resolved by the Senate of the One Hundred Tenth General Assembly Of The State Of Tennessee, The House of Representatives Concurring, that we urge and encourage the Governor, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to communicate with fellow governors and legislative leaders and urge these state officials to refrain from imposing moral judgement on their sister states as California has done to prevent escalating such foolishness.”

The resolution further states that Tennessee would be sending a copy of their resolution to every member of every state legislative body in the country, so other states would also hopefully consider taking action against California’s “black mail.”

While it’s fairly well-known that California is the essence of a nanny state, their  state travel ban truly takes things to another level. Tennessee is not the only one on California’s state travel ban, of course. Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota and Texas are also on the banned list. Under the travel ban, California has barred members, employees and officers of state “agencies, boards, departments and commissions” from being required to travel to the aforementioned states. While there are some exemptions, in addition to state organizations, the ban also includes the University of California, the Board of Regents of the University of California, and the California State University.

This latest legislation out of the Golden State is truly mind-boggling, but at least Tennessee’s response shows that other states will not be bullied by California.


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