Texas Pastors Reject LGBT School Curriculum: “This Is Houston, Not San Francisco”

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Houston Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Carranza wants to include LGBT Studies to the US History curriculum in Texas schools. But Texas, being a fairly conservative state, is fighting the idea—especially pastors.

Dr. Carranza, however, is still convinced “integrating LGBTQ and ethnic studies” into said curriculum is ideal for creating more versatile students.

“The LGBTQ movement in the US has a history, and in many cases, many people would call it a civil-rights history in terms of acceptance and in terms of who have been leaders of the movement,” Carranza said. “I think it’s part of the American history. To include that as part of what kids study is just a bigger picture of who we are as America.”

Houston Area Pastor Council Executive Director Reverend Dave Welch has been a very vocal activist in his efforts against the LGBTQ community. He said Dr. Carranza’s recommendation to add LGBTQ studies to the district’s history curriculum is a ploy to turn schools into “a social experiment of a radical, political agenda.”

Dr. Carranza has been successful before in spreading the San Francisco policy to other states. But Welch wants to ensure Carranza doesn’t bring the “San Francisco” thinking to Houston.

“Carranza is an import from San Francisco, where this kind of propaganda that attempts to equate sexual lifestyles, gender confusion and hostility toward the traditional family has become the norm,” Welch noted in a release. “The HISD Board of Trustees needs to remind Dr. Carranza that this is Texas, where the people of all ethnicities still believe that our children are to be protected, nurtured, and educated, not used as a social experiment of a radical political agenda.

“Dr. Carranza, not in our city and not our children,” he continued. “The former mayor of Houston attempted to turn Houston into San Francisco with this same philosophy. Again, this is Houston, Texas—not San Francisco, California.”

Now, Dr. Carranza simply made a recommendation—no legal processes have begun thus far. But this seed must not be allowed to grow, so let’s dig it out of the soil before it starts to take root.

If gays want to be gays, they can go right ahead; but their ways must not be allowed to be imposed on the children. Let’s not confuse them any more than they already are.

So I’m with Pastor Welch on this one!


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