The TSA Says It’s Allowed To Investigate Inside Your Underwear And You Should Just Accept It

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Have you ever been pat down so hard by TSA officials that it literally felt like a full-on molestation? Some of you have, some of you haven’t. But here’s the thing. The TSA is allowed to do that and we can’t really do nothing about it.

But I am totally against this. I mean, yes, people have been found with illegal products in their private areas and if that is the case then….by all means. But 65-year-old Evelyn Harris had her private parts touched for literally just wearing a panty liner…SAY WHAT?!

Evelyn Harris had passed through the body scanner without any alarms but the rough TSA agent didn’t let the body scanner have the final say on Mrs. Harris’s non-existant criminal intent.

“I started to ask if I had done something wrong or if this was ‘random,’ but before I could get a second word out, the TSA agent yelled at me,” Harris said to the The Washington Post in an interview. “She grabbed my throat hard, causing me to choke and cough. She yelled at me for coughing.”

“She then put her hands inside my bra and panties and groped my private parts with the front, not the back, of her gloved hand. Afterward, I worried that I may have been infected if she had groped someone else without changing gloves,” Harris added. “Her attitude was so threatening and hostile, that I was afraid to look at her face and name plate.”

Apparently, intimate apparel has been on the TSA’s sh*tlist since Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab almost blew up a plane after hiding a bomb in his underwear on Christmas day of 2009. This was in the note Harris got after filing a complaint which stated:

“[T]he pat-down was legit, the investigator said. Intimate apparel has been a source of concern ever since Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to bring down a plane on Christmas Day 2009 by detonating a bomb hidden in his underwear.

The investigator told Harris, she said, that “his own wife carried a panty liner with her and put it on after security, as this is something that could trigger a search.” Indeed, turns out all sorts of feminine hygiene products could be grounds for a search, according to the TSA.”

So, ladies, if you ever plan to go on a plane wearing a panty liner or any other kind of “feminine hygiene products” then the TSA agent assigned to you is free to touch you up as she pleases and it is absolutely legal. Just remember that. So it’s either you don’t wear them or prepare your heinie.

Source: Rare US


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