There’s One Problem With The Reports That Trump ‘Revealed’ Submarine Locations To Duterte.

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The media along with the Democrats have been trying to paint Donald Trump as a horrible person from the moment he announced his candidacy. And now that he is president, their efforts have amplified. Right now, the new trend among Trump-haters is to accuse him of revealing classified information.

It’s so bad that Trump can tell a foreign leader that he ate egg whites for breakfast and the Democrats will chastise him for leaking classified and sensitive information.

Yeah, it’s that bad now.

Just recently, reports came out that Trump revealed “sensitive” information to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

The leaked transcripts from the April 29th phone call revealed that Trump told Duterte about the nuclear submarines the United States had near North Korea. Trump had reportedly said in the call: “We have a lot of firepower over there. We have two submarines — the best in the world. We have two nuclear submarines, not that we want to use them at all.”

And guess what?

The media gobbled that information up and began coining headlines painting Trump as irresponsible for revealing the information. One NBC News editor even tweeted: “That’s…not usually something we talk about.”

But here’s the funny thing — and the reason why I am now 100% certain that the media is full of crap.

THE SAME information that Trump revealed to Duterte was already PUBLIC INFORMATION days before the phone call on April 29th! The information was posted on the U.S Navy’s website publicly announcing the “USS Michigan’s arrival in Busan on April 25”. It was public information and if Duterte wanted he could have just visited the US Navy’s website and find out the same information but Trump spared him the trouble and just told him.

It’s really sad that Trump could literally just tell a foreign government world news and be chastised for revealing sensitive or classified information. Very soon it may get so bad that Trump will be accused of destroying the forest when he eats his vegetables or harming chickens when he takes down a steak. I mean, they might as well just accuse Trump of killing the dinosaurs while they are at it!

Source: Washington Examiner


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