Transgender Boy One Win Away From Girls State Title After Texas Law Forces Him To Wrestle Girls

Trinity High School junior Mack Beggs waits for a signal from the referee in the final round of the 6A Girls 110 Weight Class match during the Texas Wrestling State Tournament on Saturday in Cypress, Texas. Beggs, a transgender boy, is required by state policy to compete against girls.
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Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy, is currently one win away from taking the Girls’ Wrestling High School State Title in Texas. Many aren’t very happy about it.

Even though Beggs was born a girl, she transitioned to a boy by taking multiple, testosterone injections in 2015. Scientifically, this makes her a lot more physically powerful than an average girl. Other girls and their families consider it unfair for him to be on the mat with non-trans females.

Beggs told his family he would rather wrestle boys, but Texas state policy won’t allow him to because it clearly states students must wrestle against the gender their birth certificate lists them as.

“The more I learn about this, the more I realize that she’s just trying to live her life and her family is, too,” Attorney Jim Baudhuin said. (He’s also a parent of a girl wrestler in the area and filed injunctions to prevent Beggs from competing against girls.) “She’s being forced into that position. Who knows; through discovery, we may find out that’s not the case. But every indication is, the way the winds are going now, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents.”

Because two of Beggs’s recent opponents have forfeited, on account of the perceived unfairness of the fight, Beggs will now just have to wrestle Chelsea Sanchez for a shot at a state title.

The Trump administration has put the matter of transgender, civil rights in the hands of individual states and school districts. The government has revoked any federal protections allowing transgender students to use the facilities they’re most comfortable with.

Texas is considering a law that would require transgender people to use the bathroom of their “biological sex.”

“The thing is, we want to wrestle each other. I feel so sick and disgusted by the discrimination not by the kids—the PARENTS AND COACHES,” Beggs wrote on Facebook. “These kids don’t care who you put in front of them to wrestle. We just want to WRESTLE. THEY are taking that away from me and from the people I’m competing with.”

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