Transgender ‘Woman’ Running For Governor Of Connecticut

[Drag Queen | Source: BuzzFeed]
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The transgender issue has been a hot one the past few years in the United States. Some might claim trans people’s civil rights are being violated, but it’s more about the trans community not being granted special privileges above others. Ultimately, our society is so far-left that we are masking over mentally ill individuals’ problems by accepting a false reality. You cannot choose your gender; it’s something you’re born with. Let’s face it, a post-op woman will never be a woman—just a mutilated man.

During the Obama presidency, gender-confused individuals had their mental-health issues celebrated as “normal.” We have even seen men legally enter women’s bathrooms—if they identify as a woman, of course. Schools have also picked up on the issue, teaching children they can choose their gender.

Luckily, President Trump has signed an executive order that stops the federal government from letting men enter women’s bathrooms in schools. It’s now in states hands to decide if they want to continue on the path of insanity.

It was only a matter of time before a transgender candidate came forward to run for public office. In blue ultra-liberal Connecticut, a transgender candidate has arrived. The candidate is a Democrat by the name of Jacey Wyatt. If he has its way, he will be Connecticut’s next governor.

“Democrat Jacey Wyatt, a businesswoman from Branford, says she doesn’t like what she sees happening in the state and believes a political outsider can bring a new perspective and fresh ideas. Wyatt recently filed paperwork to run in the 2018 election. She appeared Sunday on WFSB-TV’s Face the State political-affairs program.

[Drag Queen | Source: BuzzFeed]
The 46-year-old says she believes voters will be drawn to her candidacy, saying it ‘just isn’t about me being a woman.’

Wyatt is the latest Democrat to express interest in the race.”

Will there be an end to the transgender insanity that has taken over the country?


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