Travel Ban Blocked Again And Now A Supreme Court Showdown Is Quite Possible.

travel ban
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After Trump’s 100 days in office many liberals condemned him for not accomplishing everything he said he would have accomplished. But these liberals are the same ones who are obstructing the process by blocking many of his executive orders. Let’s look at the travel ban for example.

Trump has been trying to enact the travel ban for quite a while now but has been unable to do so among all the opposition he’s been getting. Just Thursday the revised executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries was blocked by an en banc panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

And even though the executive order was edited to exclude the use of the word “Islam” the 10-3 majority still found that it was a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, according to Breitbart.

Chief Judge Roger Gregory said that the travel ban was “an Executive Order that in text speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

“Congress granted the President broad power to deny entry to aliens, but that power is not absolute,” Gregory writes.

The basis for the injunction were the comments that Trump and his associates made about Muslims during his campaign. And even though the executive order itself didn’t mention Islam, Trump’s opinion about it is very clear.

One of the quotes mentioned was the then-Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Peirson’s comments on CNN: “I think Islam hates us … [W]e can’t allow people coming into the country who have this hatred … [w]e’ve allowed this propaganda to spread all through the country that [Islam] is a religion of peace.”

It was also stated in the court that “former National Security Officials” say that the executive order has “no legitimate national security purpose” and that “there is no evidence of any new security risks emanating from these countries.”

With this new ruling, it is hardly likely that the travel ban will take effect anytime soon with the only hope being for the Trump administration to petition for a writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court of the United States. This will be the final fight to save America from terrorist immigration.

And, it is a fact that not all Muslims are bad but it is ALSO a fact that the majority of terrorist attacks performed in the world today are by Muslims. But the Democrats are too concerned about being “politically correct” to admit to the reality. It is very clear that it is not a ban against a certain religion, it’s a ban against the violent people associated with that religion. I mean, how many religions lately have been bombing up concerts and killing innocent people in the name of their God? Hmmm?

The sooner we can all agree with this, the sooner we can eradicate terrorism.

Source: Breitbart


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