Trump Axes Four More Obama-era rules In His Deregulation Spree.

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Every day that Donald Trump is President of the United States is one more day that Obama isn’t president. And the Obama-era deregulation spree that Trump has been on is perfect evidence of that.

Many rules that were set forth by the Obama administration are now no more. Back in March, Trump signed bills that saw the cancellation of numerous Obama-era rules on “federal contracts, land use, and education.”

These cancellations were done in accordance with the Congressional Review Act. Trump has boasted that no President has ever signed a bill canceling federal regulations which he has done up to seven times already.

Trump has pledged to the people of America that any regulation that affects the creation of jobs in America will be gotten rid of.

One of the most notable “job-killing” Obama-era rules is the “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” rule. This rule prevented any company with a history of breaking wage, labor or safety laws from acquiring a federal contract. Trump described the rule as a “disaster” and “one of the greatest threats to growing American businesses.” The first bill Trump signed was to make adjustments to the “disaster” of a rule.

Another Obama-era rule that was canceled was the  “Panning 2.0” rule which Trump described as a “federal power grab,” allowed the Bureau of Land Management to have too much power over land use.

It’s very clear that the Obama administration stifled job creation in the US with all these useless regulations. Thank goodness that it’s a new day and Trump’s mighty pen.

Source: Washington Times


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