The Trump Budget To Cut Entitlements By $1.7 Trillion

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What’s on the table for President Trump’s big budget proposal on Tuesday? Well, we’re going to just have till Tuesday to find out. However, we do know some things. We do know that Trump is planning to make major cuts to entitlement programs. $1.7 trillion worth of cuts, to be exact.

Obviously, this won’t bode well with many folks. Especially Trump haters who will without a doubt find a reason to cry about it. One White House source says: “Conservatives will love it; moderates will probably hate it.”

The mandatory cuts to “politically sensitive programs like food stamps” will probably get the most backlash. However, the cuts will save $1.7 trillion over the course of ten years. This money can then be used to create more jobs.

The majority of the entitlement cuts will come from “SNAP (food stamps), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and SSDI (Disability Insurance).”

And with all these entitlement cuts to social welfare programs the White House source stated that there would be an “emphasis on work requirements for able-bodied people.”

Trump’s plan for the budget is quite clear.

So it’s obvious what Trump plans on doing. He plans on using the money the government usually spends on helping people without jobs to actually CREATE new jobs. The more people have jobs, the less they’ll need to rely on entitlement programs.

What do you folks think about this? Do you think cutting entitlements is a good idea? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

Source: Axios


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